Strength In US Dollar

USD has been appreciating since Brexit, coupled with President elect Trump’s promise of tax cut and infrastructure spending. Lately all the fundamental news are positive for America which also allow the USD to appreciate.

Points to ponder

  1. Strong USD will make exports more Expensive
  2. Any revenue coming from other parts of the world will be lower due to the exchange rate as well
  3. Cheaper to import which will hampers the need to lower the deficit
  4. None US based Companies that issued USD denominated debt bonds will have to pay a higher price.



Generation A

by Douglas Coupland


  • Difficulty Level : Adult
  • Length : 320 pages ( roughly 2 days )
  • Type: Sci-Fi
  • My Rating: *


Storyline is about the world invented this drug that makes people ok with being alone and how this resulted in the bees dying off and going extinct ( the story is not even about this )

5 different people in different parts of the world were stung by 5 bees when the world believed that bees were extinct. 5 were confined and observed, the story continues in which they are supposed to help find the cure to getting the bees back.

You can read the book to see how the story goes

Book Review:

I did not know what to expect from this book, there were some parts of the book i find quite amusing, like the Superman story and how a Rock concert can turn up into a no holds bar battle royale.

The book took up about 50% of content to build up the 5 main characters but I don’t see how the characters were really built up. Maybe i am not used to this style of writing and the ending was pretty abrupt.



The Paper Menagerie

By Ken Liu

  • Difficulty Level : For All Ages
  • Length : 13 pages ( roughly 15 min )
  • Type: Fiction
  • My Rating: *****

Book Review:


I think i read this short story many years ago, did not recall the name, but reading this again does bring back memories.

This is a short story about Memories and kinship, about the relationship between a Mom and her son. Mom gift to her child were paper animals (Origami), the magical aspect of it is she has the ability to breath life into them and they were able to play with her child.

There aren’t an ending and i guess it was purposefully done this way as well, to invoke each reader to have their own interpretation as well as for them to reflect on their relationship with others.

Link to story : The Paper Menagerie

Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith

by Sarah Bessey


  • Difficulty Level : Adult
  • Length : 259 pages ( roughly 2 days )
  • Type: Religion, Spiritual dissidents
  • My Rating: ****

Book Review:

For someone whom is questioning his or her own faith in Christianity, this is a nice book to read. The author talks about her faith from childhood, to how she felt disillusioned, taking a break from God, and how she found her faith back.

Her personal journey in terms of how she view her faith, the structure and the ministry. Her story telling format is very easy-going, you will feel like you are having a casual sit down conversation with a good friend but dealing with a heavy topic.

What is important is how one person come to terms with their own faith. Faith is like an ongoing relationship. The process of knowing nothing, learning and asking.

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Sex Object

by Jessica Valenti


  • Difficulty Level : Adult
  • Length : 205 pages ( roughly 2 days )
  • Type: Memoir & Autobiography, Women & Gender
  • My Rating: ***

Book Review:

The author is writing this book base on her life experience and point of view of how she grew up as a girl to lady to woman. It gives first hand experience of how she felt and how she dealt with the circumstances during that time. The content is very in your face and also showcase some raw scenarios that some of us may not be accustom to.

I am thankful for this book, it exposed some parts about how some women are treated and it happens all over the world even at this moment in time.

This book exposes the many events in her lifetime as a woman, her hope is to enable all women to be treated equally.

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The Ocean at the End of the Lane

by Neil Gaiman


  • Difficulty Level : All Levels
  • Length : 178 pages ( roughly 1 day )
  • Type: Fiction
  • My Rating: *****

Book Review:

This is a short novel by Neil Gaiman who is also famous for his Sandman series.

It is beautifully written, I am pleasantly surprised that he is able to use such a simple theme and weave a story that takes you into a world filled with imagination and substance.

I have difficulty expressing how i felt when i finish reading this novel. It is as if i have just finished an epic dream, filled with compassion, love, adventure, mystery and hope.


A middle-aged man goes back to his hometown to attend a funeral and he was drawn back to revisit his childhood friend place. Over there, he recollects his memory of when he was age 7 and we are never given his name. And he goes into this dark and beautiful fairytale.

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The Richest Man in Babylon

by George S. Clason


  • Difficulty Level : All Levels
  • Length : 144 pages ( roughly 1 day )
  • Type: Money Management
  • My Rating: *****

Book Review:

This is a book I will recommend to all people irregardless of race, age or religion. A simple book that most people will be able to read and comprehend important money management ideas in layman terms.

It can give a good basic framework to those people who just started out working. For those who have read or have some idea of money management, this book should supplement or refresh some ideas or parts of their financial concept.

3 Major Themes 1) Save 2) Invest Wisely 3) Watch your spending


  1. Pay yourself first. ( Save a portion of your income first )
  2. Do not spend more than what you earn
  3. Concept of Budgeting
  4. Money saved should be Invested for it to multiply ( Power of compounding )
  5. Do your homework on what you wish to invest or spend
  6. Opportunities do not wait for those who procrastinate
  7. Perfect the skill of your profession so you can earn the money
  8. Self worth hinges on your own determination ( if you think you are worthless, you will be. One has to be determined to strive in whatever direction he or she will like to go towards )
  9. Focus, Determination and Hard work (+humble) will increase your chances of success

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