Generation A

by Douglas Coupland


  • Difficulty Level : Adult
  • Length : 320 pages ( roughly 2 days )
  • Type: Sci-Fi
  • My Rating: *


Storyline is about the world invented this drug that makes people ok with being alone and how this resulted in the bees dying off and going extinct ( the story is not even about this )

5 different people in different parts of the world were stung by 5 bees when the world believed that bees were extinct. 5 were confined and observed, the story continues in which they are supposed to help find the cure to getting the bees back.

You can read the book to see how the story goes

Book Review:

I did not know what to expect from this book, there were some parts of the book i find quite amusing, like the Superman story and how a Rock concert can turn up into a no holds bar battle royale.

The book took up about 50% of content to build up the 5 main characters but I don’t see how the characters were really built up. Maybe i am not used to this style of writing and the ending was pretty abrupt.




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