The Ocean at the End of the Lane

by Neil Gaiman


  • Difficulty Level : All Levels
  • Length : 178 pages ( roughly 1 day )
  • Type: Fiction
  • My Rating: *****

Book Review:

This is a short novel by Neil Gaiman who is also famous for his Sandman series.

It is beautifully written, I am pleasantly surprised that he is able to use such a simple theme and weave a story that takes you into a world filled with imagination and substance.

I have difficulty expressing how i felt when i finish reading this novel. It is as if i have just finished an epic dream, filled with compassion, love, adventure, mystery and hope.


A middle-aged man goes back to his hometown to attend a funeral and he was drawn back to revisit his childhood friend place. Over there, he recollects his memory of when he was age 7 and we are never given his name. And he goes into this dark and beautiful fairytale.

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